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Wow, you worked hard on this.

This was a very beautiful song. I see you worked very hard on it. When I make songs, I used around 20 patterns, around 10 instruments, and around 10 automations. I really liked it, and the quality is good too.

This is a very long song and I only found one problem. There is no catchy melody in it. With out a good-catchy melody, its hard to remember the song.

The Best

This is the best song I ever heard on this site, and I don't usually like the sounds you used. This can be used in a video game, a movie, or a video. I loved every melody and I like what you did with the drums.

B-Roze responds:

glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the compliment. lol, idk if it's the best on the site though...

Not so good.

I think the melodies had wrong notes. And the song got very annoying from the same sounds the whole time. I enjoyed it a little, so I gave it a 5/10 and 3/5.

Ironclover responds:

Well okay, Thanks for the Review, Now I know not to use Steel Drums next time

The best piano song I ever heard

This was a great song. Can you please maker a version of the song with drums?
And what type of piano did you use?

The best I heard in a while

I listen to many songs, and this is the best one I heard in a while. I like the melodies but I think some of the notes weren't good. This is better than anything I could do.

BloodyN00b responds:

Indeed, I'm not used to working in this scale. I experimented with the notes in the first part of the song. I'm glad you like most of it despite that =)

Very good, just one suggestion

It was very good, i listened to the whole thing. It would like it better with kicks and claps :) I think a 1 kick, then 1 clap drum beat would work through the whole song.
I like the sounds you used in it. What program did you use , i use fl studio, im terrible with it :)

boza44 responds:

thank you.. i'm not quite sure where you're feeling the 1 though, and a clap AND bass drum on 1?

This is the type of music I like

This is the type of music we need in this world, We need to stop listening to this rap and hip hop garbage and start listening to rock music!


I enjoyed this :)

ZachPayne responds:

Thank for listening, glad you like it =] but if you voted a 4/10 wouldn't that mean you don't like it? lol


this was nice

Or4nges responds:

I guess a nice is a 5? :/

Hi, I'm an orchestral composer. Please contact me if you want to use my music in your projects. I'm open to commissions.
You can contact me here or at everratic@gmail.com

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