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I don't think I've ever heard anything like this before, and I love it! This is the kind of chord progression that beginners are told to avoid because it sounds cheesy, but I think it's fantastic in this context; it's actually quite amusing and contributes to that novel feel. You have a good sense for beauty in music; I'm pretty sensitive to that and this song managed to please me :)

This was really relaxing. I like the quirkiness and unpredictable nature of it. The bird fx during the sax section was a nice touch. The only thing I didn't like much was the intro because the super-fake-sounding violin was so exposed.

This would serve as good background music for a large variety of media. I would have liked to hear some more distinct sections with varying intensity, but what you have now works well. The sound design is really good. The track is complex enough that although it’s repetitive, it’s not annoying to listen to.

This was quite relaxing and enjoyable at times. The sound design is solid; I particularly like the distorted lead for the countermelody. I’m afraid I found it to be extremely repetitive though. I would like to have a break from the main melody, and I think the track could benefit a lot from more variation in general.

larrynachos responds:

Yeah I was struggling to find something that fit. I was infatuated with the bass I had synthesized.

Thanks for the review!

This sounds uplifting and quite beautiful at times. There's a fantastic main melody as well. The transitions are wonderful; I particularly like the use of piccolo and harp. Although the song has plenty of awesome moments, I think much of it feels too empty, and the great momentum that emerges from the transitions into the climaxes quickly diminishes. I think the song could benefit a lot from having more instruments, not just to make it sound more full, but also to help define the melodies more during the quieter sections. It's clear that you're not using high-end libraries, and it's most evident in the awkwardly-slow attacks in some notes of the melodies; at times the melodies' short notes sound slightly out-of-sync with the forefront percussion. Adding some melodic percussion, such as a glockenspiel or celesta, could help a lot with that. Furthermore, I noticed a lack of high-frequency percussion; I think a tambourine would work well here. Lastly, I think some parts could benefit from some bass fx, which is basically an almost inaudible note that provides additional warmth to give certain transitions greater impact.

JessieYun responds:

Hey Everratic,
Thanks for the constructive criticism. Yes, this quite lacks in many ways, and I mostly agree with your opinions on this track. I'm planning to re-make this track with better orchestration & more story involved, probably in the future.

I like the sound design a lot! I think the track is a little too loud.

Spline-1337 responds:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! This May I plan to release many more cool tracks! Follow my news! Good luck!

This song is so charming! The instrumentation is excellent, and I love the drones - they give the song lovely mystical vibes. I like that there's a clear and sweet climax; I didn't see it coming, and it was executed very well. Etherealwinds is quite a suitable name when you make this kind of music!

I got used to it after a few listens, but at first I thought the vocals sound a little thin compared to everything else. This might just be my headphones, but I also sense that the high end of the vocals has been boosted a bit. It's usually fine, but during the parts when there's a lot of layering, it stands out to me.

The fx are a nice addition, and at the end, they help return the song to reality after the ethereal experience.

etherealwinds responds:

Thanks so much for your review and high rating! I'm really glad you liked it. It's funny you say that about my username, because in 2011 when I made 'etherealwinds' on YouTube, I was starting to create more ambient music in the realm of fantasy and Celtic - the first video I uploaded was an acapella arrangement of Pippin's Song from LoTR; a song which evoked in me the exact same vibe and feels as this song did when watching GoT!

You're right in your sense that the high end of the vocals has been boosted a bit. Especially in tracks like this where I want the vocals (and especially the harmonies) to have a lighter, airier more ethereal tone, I raise the highs of the main just a little, reduce the mids of the harmonies, raise the lows a tiny amount but raise the highs more (to position the harmonies around the main, yet above the mains in terms of airiness) :) it has yet to sound too thin on any of my headphones, but it may well do on your end as technology is funny like that!

Really glad you liked it <3

The composition is lovely and very emotional. I really like the background instrumentation. That said, the instruments themselves sound a bit uncanny to me; they're not blatantly midi-sounding, but they don't sound very expressive either. There is a lot of emotion in this song thanks to the composition, but I think there's opportunity to enhance the emotion further by using more expressive instruments. I think a celeste could work well here; if you have kontakt, then you should already have a decent one.

endKmusic responds:

Yeah, totally get what you're saying.
Was thinking about Kontakt while I was composing this one and had the same thought.
Thanks for the review, I agree with everything you said.
Glad you dig the composition. :)

I love the main melody!

This sounds utmost professional. I can imagine this being very useful as background music in a video game or movie. While listening, I envision a character walking through a dark, barren landscape. The mixing seems to be flawless. I intended to write more, but that's all I can think of right now :P

Deemo-R responds:

The way you envision it is very close to what was described to me! I didn't get to see much art, so I took a lot of inspiration from the visual style of The Swapper, which had some similarities in the tone and atmosphere. The mixing was luckily very easy since much of the godsend that is Omnisphere 2 sounds great out of the box (and I highly recommend it to anyone that asks). Kumakin helped me to solidify the final mix so that it would sit in the same room as his material, so I also have to offer credit to him for helping with some cleanup!

While I'm definitely not any sort of expert on this genre, I feel that a lot of mileage comes out of letting sound(s) sit for a while and evolve, which turns the focus from developing melodic or harmonic content to shaping envelopes - things like moving cutoff filters at the right time to give the kind of swells that people seem to love, which I abuse a lot in this track. The way you filter sounds really means a lot, and that's probably the most valuable aspect I think one can learn out of electronic music, which is why I'm hoping to look into it much more in the near future. I'm a bit too dependent on traditional melody and accompaniment, so there are still aspects of that in this track, but I hope they come across organically and more "idiomatic" to my style... though I'd say it's likely that I'm still working on that part. Glad you liked it! :D

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