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The intro is great until the bass starts playing. I think you chose the wrong bass instrument; it sounds too much like a lead synth, and it was also not EQ'd properly. The bass instrument needs a lot of bass frequencies, but different bass frequencies than the kick. Because this instrument doesn't have enough low frequencies, the song sounds slightly empty.

The drum beat is excellent through out the song and has just the right amount of variations. I like the hi hats on it as well.

The white noise used for the sweeps sounds like it was not EQ'd and it's too loud. You need to remove the low/low mid frequencies on the white noise so it sounds clean and bright.

The crashes did not do their job in the song effectively because they lacked necessary reverb. In electronic music, crashes need A LOT of reverb. Also, to help fill up the low frequencies that a crash lacks, you can take a normal kick, add tons of reverb to it, EQ it, and put it on a very low volume.

The lead synth sounds extremely simple and like it's a preset. There also isn't enough of a variety in note length in the melodies. The melodies themselves are interesting, but sound a little random at some parts.

The EQing on the drums, especially the kick, is really good, but did you pan the kick to the right side? The kick shouldn't be panned that much because it sounds awkward. The piano sounds great, except it's slightly too loud. You did a good job on its reverb.

My favorite part of the song is its creativity. The song's main problem is its volume levels.

I'm very glad to finally hear a song from you in which you put in all your effort!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks BO! I'll give DM a lot of the credit for the drums & variations, and I agree about the crash and lead samples: they were both hastily chosen presets. DM did most of the EQ'ing and reverb affects, too. I understand where you're coming from with the bass instrument critique. I'll take the blame for the white noise, as well as the note length in the melodies. I appreciate the advice on panning, too. Thanks so much for your feedback; it's highly valued. A lot of the things you criticized me on are easy fixes; I think I'll go take care of that now! :D

This is so catchy, I love it!

The song is great, but you need to work on the poor mixing, which made the song less enjoyable.

I felt like all the synths were alive and had control over themselves, both of you are extremely skilled at that.
The drum beats are amazing and the percussion sounds so clear.
The vocals make the song a lot catchier, but I don't understand why you thought to add them.

Sequenced responds:

because we are cool and have swagger

The things that stood out the most to me were the transitions and rhythms, they were both excellent. The mastering is great as well.

The main problem with the song is the synths, most of them were not interesting to me. The bass was good, but I did not enjoy the saw synths.

The song can also use a lot more variety, if you made really small changes in many places, it would make the overall song sound much better and interesting.

ksthultz15 responds:

Thank you! :D I feel that I am slowly improving at this genre. I try to make the transitions very smooth, so I am glad that my efforts were seen. Same with mastering. Ive been focusing a lot of my attention on that lately. I will admit tho, my main focus in this song was to layer my synths. Maybe not the best melody or drop, but I feel I succeeded in creating many layers and making them work together. On my next song, I will try to use better sounds for sure. Thanks for noticing this. I will definitely make sure to add subtle changes here and there to be more interesting. Only my 2nd prog. house song so I have MUCH to learn. Thanks for the review! :D

The melodies did not have enough variety, and they felt very aggressive throughout the entire song with no break. The song lacks a real break because you kept playing the same melody.

The mixing is definitely the largest problem with this song. It's almost twice as loud as it should be, and all the instruments are fighting each other for space. Also, there is slightly too much reverb overall.

Despite these complaints, I honestly did enjoy most of the song, and it's very catchy. You made a good selection in synths, but the drum beat could have used better samples.

Next time, please be very careful with how loud you make your mixer inserts and the overall volume of the song.

Ectisity responds:

Hi man :D. Thx for the honest review, really helps alot :).
I agree with pretty much everything you said and I figured someone would comment my lack of a break and the mastering X3. The main reason why it's like that is because I didn't really bother using that much time on this. It was kinda rushed as I wasn't as motivated making a remix as I am when making something original.
I got comments on my loud mastering on my last stracks as well, but this was made before I became aware of mastering and leveling at all X3.

Anyways, again thanks for the honest review :D. Really helps me improve.
I'm glad you enjoyed most of it ;).

I can say without ANY hesitation that this is the best song I have ever heard on newgrounds in the four years I've been here. This song contains every emotion I can think of, and is perfectly executed. I haven't been so impressed by a song in a long time.

I really like this song, but I don't understand why you EQ'd your synths so high.

The break at 2:33 was my least favorite part of the song. I love slow breaks in the middle of powerful songs just as much as you do, but this one did not fit in very well.

The drum beats throughout the song are excellent, and you finally found an excuse for all that reverb. The melodies are great as well.

johnfn responds:

Haha fair enough. I was kinda rushing and I was just like "song has too much energy, time to drop in random break #9000" and didn't bother to see if it retained mood or anything.

Glad you liked the drums and reverb! Maybe May will be reverb month! (Just kidding, every month is reverb month!)

I like the synths, melodies, transitions, drum beat, and most sound effects. My main problem with this song is the mixing; it sounds too loud and in my face. Also, I think you use too much reverb.

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Can't you just turn down the volume though? I used to have the opposite problem where my songs were too quiet so now I overcompensate haha. Also there's no such thing as too much reverb!!!! :O (Ok, maybe there is.)

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