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This song has tons of potential and can even be your best song yet! As Johnfn said, the instruments need more reverb, but I'll add that they can benefit from delay as well. The melodies weren't that bad, some parts of the melodies were creative while other parts were completely not interesting. I think the surprise at the end should be removed because it does not fit the mood of the song. I hope you can make these small edits so it can be your best song yet.
This song has an excellent atmosphere and you chose really good instruments besides the piano sample. The harmonies were my favorite part of the song :D

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review, BO! I'm thrilled to hear that this might be my best song yet, wow! :O I think the lapse in reverb was just a mistake, but I think I should more delay in general. Yeah, I couple of people have commented on the ending. I personally think I tried to tie together the droning instruments with more staccato sounds, and did at least a passively mediocre job at it (i.e. the percussion at 2:13 and 1:59, as well as the jarring piano chords at 1:14). Hmm...what exactly do you mean by harmonies? You mean the piano riff at 1:44, or the part at 3:42, or...well, something else? Anyway, thanks so much for the review! I certainly want this to be my best song yet! :D

The song is really repetitive, each part doesn't transition very well into the next, the mixing sounds messy, and some instruments are too loud while others are barely audible.

You have a lot of work to do on this song, but there are some positive things I should say.

You did a great job in choosing your instruments and they fit the song's mood perfectly! The rising synth sounds really cool, and the white noise makes some transitions sound smoother.

I think it would be a good idea to go back into this project and spend a few hours on just editing the mixing, and then resubmit it to newgrounds.

Ectisity responds:

Thx for the honest review :). Yea this has alot of flaws. Was made before I actually learned how to properly mix a track. As for the lack of variety, it's because it was meant as an instrumental X3.
I might go back and polish up this project in the future ;).

I think you should have used decay instead of full sustain for the leads so it would sound less messy. And it seems like you used too much reverb on the leads, and not enough on the vocals. The super reverby kick that you used for transitioning is slightly too loud.

I love that pluck that went along with the bass! The use of white noise was excellent, and I liked the rising synth used for transitioning. The vocals fit into the song very well, and your added vocals make the song more unique.

viewtifulday responds:

Now that you mention it, it does sound pretty messy...thanks for the tips, I'll use them in future tracks

I feel you haven't made a song this good since that competition you won last year. I love every part of it :D

johnfn responds:

Hmm... I'm not sure what to think about this... I guess the best part of this is that it means I can now write an NGADM-level piece 5x faster than I could last year.

Well I'm glad you like it I guess! :D

I love this song! I think you should put it under pop or video game music.

steampianist responds:

Thanks dude. I guess I should put it under pop

You did a great job with the melodies, breaks, and transitions, and the piano sounds amazing,

The biggest problem is the mixing. I don't know what you did, but the high end is raised way too much and the bass sounds terrible.

I disagree with the review below, the drum pattern is not repetitive; it's just not interesting. It's very simple, the samples aren't very good, and the hi hats sound like they don't belong there.

Wayv responds:

Mixing is the bane of my existence. I currently mix on a pair of AKG, which, don't get me wrong, are great! But, yeah, I had them plugged directly into my computer(which I will change soon), and that's why I can't mix the bass very well.
I agree--I have the FLS stock drums. I need to get some more kits downloaded.
Thanks for the review!

The piano notes in the intro should be a lot softer.

I think you should work on the melodies. I'm not an expert on melodies, but this song's melody did not appeal to me.

The kick in the drum beat is silent, and you need to change the samples to much better ones. It would sound really good if you added two or even three hi hats; you can be creative with it.

The song's atmosphere sounds very pleasant and full, and there is a good amount of reverb and delay, but the synths themselves sound very simple. If that's how you intended for the synths to sound, then it's fine.

I think you should add a bass instrument, and you should make it the second loudest instrument in your mix, behind the kick. Give it a lot of low frequencies, but not too close to where the kick's low frequencies are. Also, when you EQ the pads, make sure to cut off the low frequencies; even though pads sound a lot better with low frequencies, it will get in the way of the bass.

LunacyEcho responds:

=> piano =>

Well, I intended them to hint at the "main" melody that comes in later. I guess they do seem a bit loud, though.

=> melodies =>

Really? Because I quite like this one, although I scrapped it because: a.) it was too close to johnfn's Soar; and b.) it was too close to my Energy Flux.

=> more hi hats =>

There's actually three different hi hats going on at once! Betcha didn't see that coming! They're just really quiet, is all. I can only hear them because I know where they are, and even then I still have to strain a bit. :P

=> simple synths =>

Yup! Nothing too complicated for this one; it's just an outline.

=> loud bass/EQing =>

I tend not to have basses that loud, since my earphones really accentuate them. For drums, I've sort of gotten into jazz lately, and I realized that I've been using less and less kick, mainly because one of the differences between jazz drumming and rock drumming is jazz places less emphasis on the kick and snare and more on cymbals. I guess I've been subconsciously implementing that into my work. :P

Thanks for the review!

This is a great, catchy song! The melodies are extremely happy, and the piano break was a nice addition. I think the song needs more reverb though.

HappyHype responds:

thaansk :)

The intro is great until the bass starts playing. I think you chose the wrong bass instrument; it sounds too much like a lead synth, and it was also not EQ'd properly. The bass instrument needs a lot of bass frequencies, but different bass frequencies than the kick. Because this instrument doesn't have enough low frequencies, the song sounds slightly empty.

The drum beat is excellent through out the song and has just the right amount of variations. I like the hi hats on it as well.

The white noise used for the sweeps sounds like it was not EQ'd and it's too loud. You need to remove the low/low mid frequencies on the white noise so it sounds clean and bright.

The crashes did not do their job in the song effectively because they lacked necessary reverb. In electronic music, crashes need A LOT of reverb. Also, to help fill up the low frequencies that a crash lacks, you can take a normal kick, add tons of reverb to it, EQ it, and put it on a very low volume.

The lead synth sounds extremely simple and like it's a preset. There also isn't enough of a variety in note length in the melodies. The melodies themselves are interesting, but sound a little random at some parts.

The EQing on the drums, especially the kick, is really good, but did you pan the kick to the right side? The kick shouldn't be panned that much because it sounds awkward. The piano sounds great, except it's slightly too loud. You did a good job on its reverb.

My favorite part of the song is its creativity. The song's main problem is its volume levels.

I'm very glad to finally hear a song from you in which you put in all your effort!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks BO! I'll give DM a lot of the credit for the drums & variations, and I agree about the crash and lead samples: they were both hastily chosen presets. DM did most of the EQ'ing and reverb affects, too. I understand where you're coming from with the bass instrument critique. I'll take the blame for the white noise, as well as the note length in the melodies. I appreciate the advice on panning, too. Thanks so much for your feedback; it's highly valued. A lot of the things you criticized me on are easy fixes; I think I'll go take care of that now! :D

This is so catchy, I love it!

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